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I am in search of a cheap Halloween wreath alternative....and I may have found one....[DSC_0280.jpg]


Where were you eleven years ago?
We wanted to take a moment to reflect on how so many lives were affected on 9/11.

Let this forever remind us to be appreciative for the life we have.


I can recall the moment I first moved driving under the expressway every day seeing this graffiti message. To me it was more than graffiti it was a message of hope, a message of inspiration to the city and to me. When the sign was painted over it left me with an empty feeling. Was my city no longer beautiful?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Retail Therapy

If I had unlimited funds I would run to my nearest free people and drop some serious cash on their new fall lineup. Simply amazing.
 Beaded Wavelengths TunicTitan Buckle BootWe The Free Moon Child Graphic TeeMascot CardiganNoir Velvet TunicFollow My Lead Beaded TankChunky Cable PulloverSolitaire HeelLune Pendant

Finding yourself.

Wander Art Print


You know it may not be a great day when you look at your phone and double check to by certain it is Monday. Well it was, but at least my suit button did not fall off on the way to work. I have been decidedly unhappy this weekend, particularly in my quest to compare cities, relationships and vehicles. In my quest to find perfection have I lost sight of what makes me happy? I think so. While I don't compare myself to others I do analyze things to a fault. I then remembered this quote by Theodore Roosevelt. I should quit comparing, get back to my roots and do precisely what i find joy in and what brings joy to others~
Comparison is the Thief of Joy - Orange Art Print

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


What are your goals? Currently mine is buying a new ride, and it is not nearly as fun as it sounds....I hate shopping when I have something I'm happy with. The only problem is the thing I'm most happy with may be broken. This seems to be true for a lot of things in my life (relationships included).
Make it count, Birmingham!

Monday, September 3, 2012

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