Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bubble it up.

Lady Gaga can certainly belch out a tune in bubble dress, but I certainly think bubbles hanging from the ceiling. This lighting from Jean Pelle is amazing!

Drink up!

How many of you recall the post of my toddy necklace? If you don't here's one below--constructed of a vintage carafe label. Pick your poison.Turns out you can label your mug. These wer too cute not to share--with the subtle monochromatic design you can hid your anger.

Only time will tell.

If you are bored with the classics, tired of staring at the second hand, and have $1000 to spare might I recommend this hip square. Granted I will not be shelling out a grand, but the concept is cool.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The trench is an iconoclastic piece of fashion. Burberry has created Art of the Trench to showcase the multitude of ways this topper can be donned. I suggest you check it out. The sound mix isn't half bad either.

Zip it.

Not sure it it's the deluge of emails littered with images of fall clothing that has me yenning for sweaters and boots or my fear and loathing of summer heat. Whatever the cause I am craving fall/winter attire and have donned jackets and black this week. Next stop--boots in July? I'm holding back, but if I had these Michael Kors beauties the story might be a tad different. Four pairs in one. Yes, please. Until fall, y'all....

Pillow talk.

Should I listen to The Godfather-ly advice of taking it to the mattresses...nope! Lately everyone has been preaching to me that I should take it to the gym. Stat! Not only will I meet guys, but I will tone my flabby figure....sadly I am beyond self conscious about many things, one of which involves the gym, plus I have a very limited attention span when it comes to being in doors past the part of the day that involves sitting at my desk. I prefer to roam free and being tied to a treadmill no matter how stimulating the music and/or television is does not necessarily suit me--coupled with the fact that I am not in the mood to meet a guy...much less a guy when I am sweaty and smelly. Maybe if I had a pillow motivating me to do so.....or a boyfriend dragging me out of the house 5am. Scratch that, but the pillow is cute. I love all of them. I have the Be nice or leave variety but could use a few more.
*Via etsy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Motivating Monday.

To thine own self be true. It is with great satisfaction that I write to tell you I am happy. Happy with today, happy with myself and happy where I am headed. Granted I may have been down as of late, but I am keeping my head up and my heart strong and sticking to my guns. No, everyone will not agree with me and probably fewer will like me.I could certainly meander through life and agree, smile sweetly, acquiesce demands, turn the other cheek and get what most people want, but I want more. I want to look in the mirror and not have lost the person I once was. I want to know the girl I am looking at. Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Walking on sunshine!

Sweet summertime is here....for better or worse. The good--sun tans and sandals...the bads--heat, humidity and hurricanes...I could have mentioned the hazmat inducing oil-but prefer to ignore for the moment. Spawned by a shopping excursion and some serious blog perusing I am craving some monstrously tall platforms....see below. P.S. The harem pants aren't half bad either.

Paper trail.....

Am I the only one who opened the pages of Whole Living and gawked at least AWESOME Sherwin Williams advertisements. You may recognize his paper flair from Real Simple. So inspiring....I wish I had photos of my paper art......hmmmm.....
The guys got mad skills.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feed me all night long....

Still on a high from seeing Little Shop of Horrors, I am humming the tunes in my head--particularly the Feed me bit. These bags also did nothing to help my case of forgetting the jingle, but for a good cause. Available online and at various retail locations, the purchase helps in feeding the world's 400 million hungry children. The colorful options are new and the little pouch looks quite tasty...but still I'm thinking of the play and our hungry cohort---I don't mean Audrey II. Yes, I ended up scrounging up a date for the evening, but there were three couples: One group of love birds, my date and I, and a second date. Thankfully I knew my date a little better than the other gentleman, we saw her exit stage left before intermission and we all thought she had to use the bathroom that badly. She did not come back. Intermission finally rolled around and we all made a mad dash to urinate....and then there were four. We had lost Mr. and Mrs. semi-Smith. Two minutes before the show was starting we see the Mr. wander back in..."Where were y'all?!?" we all blurted out. He responds, "She was hungry." To that we all burst into hysterical laughter--me being the worst. She had arrived late and not eaten with us, and was obviously starving halfway through the plat. Not sure if it was the blood thirsty flytrap that made her stomach rumble or the minimal theater snacks available, but one thing is sure: she had made a mad marathon dash across the street for dinner.....and we aren't talking about TGIFridays....we are talking she wandered into the nicest restaurant and begged for the quickest meal they could whip up.....and would have only had to wait one more hour for a decent meal.
Bathroom break, I think not....meal break I think so....feed me all night long.

This is...the story of a girl......

Who cried a river and drowned the whole world...No tears for me, but the story of this girl could definitely be one for the books--song books, that is. My good old mom kept harking on the fact that I dated a doctor and lawyer.....and referred to the missing link as the Indian chief.....well tonight in one of our rambling conversations I realized, I dated a Doctor, Lawyer and Indian chief (possibly 2). The chiefs to whom I refer are Seminole fans, and although moccasins are cool I think I'm going to stick on the Gator bandwagon. Tonight I googled Doctor, Lawyer and Indian Chief....that's right, my friends, it is a song. Listen here. A love song at that. The irony of my life being a can't write this stuff.
Tell the doc to stick to his practice. Tell the lawyer to settle his case, Send the Injun chief and his tommy-hawk back to little Rain-In-the-Face....
I should start writing a book....the little things like this make me chuckle.

The Big Apple.

Have you seen the new clip for Rescue Me? I love it. Set to the tune of Alicia Keys it reminds me of the Sex and the City trailer, but is inspiring. Do I watch the show? No....will I now? Probably not, but the commercial has my approval.

Empire state of mind.

Maya Brenner is a genius, taking simple shapes and converting them into jewelry. Her state-ly collection leaves me wanting more. Do I get my home state or my current states.....or my state of mind.
Not to mention the other lovelies here. Love these as well.

Everything in its right place.

A little less runway, a little more art installation. Check out this Levi's exhibit: Everybody's work is equally important.

Shining Star..... matter who you are! Shining bright you see....what you can truly be. I adore, adore, adore this starfish bracelet from Fashion is poison. I am searching high and low for an octopus or starfish bracelet....heck that little seahorse number looks like a keeper.

Green with envy.

Have I mentioned that if I had to pick a favorite color it would probably be green....or orange. It takes me back a pair of olive New Balances and olive L.L. Bean backpack. Yep, that's right...olive....most nearly a neutral {How I love black and grey}....but I have recently branched forth to wear brighter greens, and one faithful week I realized that on a positive note I had worn color most every day, but on a negative note I had worn all of my bright kelly green shirts. Way to go, me! Most recently I've started thinking about furniture that is less than neutral, and green came to mind....but not the kelly in the top photo. I am falling for the muted lime in the below photo. What do y'all think. *Via Life in the Fun Lane.


How many of you knotted your way to friendship? I know I was craftastic as a kiddo, when I spotted these I couldn't help but be reminded of the many bracelets I created growing up. These my friends are the perfect grown-up alternative.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Third wheelin'......

I find myself without a plus one for a triple date....have I really been single since prom, and did I just get turned down by not one, but three people....maybe four.Tricycles are cool in theory, but in life it's no fun being the third....or fifth wheel.

It's a jungle out there!

Once again I am challenged to be aggressive and assertive, but the tough thing is tempering it and knowing when to hold 'em and fold 'em. The reason I'm not dating a certain someone is because I was too assertive, but now I need to be more assertive? When is enough enough? Two assertive personalities will yield a massive argument or meltdown reminiscent of tigers melting to butter in Little Black Sambo. And in the end, I have to a job, but not a I guess I need to play the assertive card just right.

Bad romance....

I may be the only person in my current city that craves a music festival or concert religiously. I have no desire to go to Bonaroo, but VooDoo Fest, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, and Coachella I crave. I would drive nine hours for a concert.....why? Call it a delayed reaction, call it the hippie in me coming out, call it a release, call it my love for the arts, call it anything just don't call it crazy.
*via Free People.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.

Favorite new band. Reminds me of the Avetts. Thanks, T. Check it.

Graveyard shift....

I heart dinosaurs and these shoes from D Squared remind me of Sue in Chicago. Take my home to that Paradise City!

Funk so brother....

By now you all know my taste is eclectic to say the least, and I found another home I enjoy via Micasa. Oh the clutter, oh the boho feel. Take note of the frames, propped mirror and dress stand (I want one).Eames chair, Warhol print and fur rug.

Play nice...

How hard is it to do nice things, really?

Bad things....

Sitting on the dock of the bay no more, here I was sitting unassumingly thinking the only the I had to fear was fear itself hurricanes on the coast. And fear I did, my anxiety peaks at the start of hurricane season and ends around Thanksgiving. Not healthy if you ask me, but lately the only thing I have been concerned about is the oil that is being swept ashore....there are trajectory maps and cones of certainty....but people, it's here......
The Obama-cades began last week, and the oil followed....what's next? Hayward on a yacht?
*View from my office window as Obama headed to the island....

Date night...

Let's get a few things straight. Sometimes I blog about good design and sometimes I blog about my life....I am happily single and dating, but I can't help but laugh and write about my bare with me, I know you like the clothes better.

Islands in the stream..

....that is what we are....ah-ah.....I can hear Julia Stiles belching the song circa 2003 in It's a Guy Thing....I love that flick but the one thing I think of when I hear that tune is not the fact that it's a love song, but the fact that it references islands......and given my recent island hopping adventure I felt it appropriate. I am constantly being told that a certain someone is on the island....really, unless you are on a cruise in the Caribbean please do not refer to yourself an being on the island...No Man's an Island and sometimes living on one doesn't help your case.
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