Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is...the story of a girl......

Who cried a river and drowned the whole world...No tears for me, but the story of this girl could definitely be one for the books--song books, that is. My good old mom kept harking on the fact that I dated a doctor and lawyer.....and referred to the missing link as the Indian chief.....well tonight in one of our rambling conversations I realized, I dated a Doctor, Lawyer and Indian chief (possibly 2). The chiefs to whom I refer are Seminole fans, and although moccasins are cool I think I'm going to stick on the Gator bandwagon. Tonight I googled Doctor, Lawyer and Indian Chief....that's right, my friends, it is a song. Listen here. A love song at that. The irony of my life being a can't write this stuff.
Tell the doc to stick to his practice. Tell the lawyer to settle his case, Send the Injun chief and his tommy-hawk back to little Rain-In-the-Face....
I should start writing a book....the little things like this make me chuckle.

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