Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Falling for you....

The first crisp fall temperatures hit sunny Florida and I am craving anthropologie's plaids and wool now more than ever. Here are some of my selections:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Noah's ark....

And the animals came in two by two...and twelve by twelve. It's nearly time to find a calendar for 2011 and I think this one more than suffices.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Making a cameo....

I adore my vintage rings. They are, of course, family heirlooms, but for the longest time I have been craving a cocktail cameo and I found one. Circa 1950 and surrounded by seed pearls this cameo is perfection.

Goodnight, moon.

Adios, Summer. Yesterday marked the start of fall and the autumnal equinox....and a harvest moon. Thanks to Neil and fifth grade science....these things I know.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I heart Dr. Seuss. Good man. Good author. Great quote...now on to steering myself in any direction I choose.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Knee high.

Get a leg up on the season with knee socks. I have tried and failed miserably so many times to wear these...but this year....maybe, just maybe......or maybe I should concede and make a concession to wear these only during kickball and halloween.....

Oh Captain, my captain.

I crawled onto the high seas as I embarked on my first sailing trip this Sunday. Nervous does not begin to describe how I felt. Initially I was psyched to go sailing...but then as I stood in my cutoff shorts staring at the tiny boat I became greatly concerned. "It does not have a motor." That was all I could say...then the next thing out of my blunt mouth was, "It is basically a canoe with a sail." Granted I should have considered the physics of the situation, tiny boat...pulled by wind....could tip over. I had not given any of this any thought, I only saw the opportunity for a new experience as I took my first sailing trip on Sunday. We nearly tipped the boat a few times, but I wasn't worry about getting wet; I was worried about my phone and camera taking a plunge. Note to self: when taking out a small sail boat carry nothing on board unless you have waterproof containers. The overall experience was good. Although I think I freaked out my boat captain with my severe lack of enthusiasm fear! Good day though....I make an excellent first mate!

You've got mail.

Does electronic mail make dating a little less painful? It certainly seems like it (for Dudes at least). I was just asked out via email....I am going to blame it on the fact that the guy possibly lost my number and had not talked to me in a while. I guess saying no would have been uneventful enough: I could have a. deleted the email, b. politely declined, c. claimed to have never received it (darn company firewalls), or d. responded nastily.....but I accepted graciously. It was harmless enough. We'll see how the date Saturday goes...I think it could be funny enough to write home about......

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I want, but don't need these kicks....Happy Halloween.

Rock on.

The Brits have it. Perfect shade of grey, Union Jack flag, croc couch, shag pillows and vintage table.

Jingle all the way.

I can almost hear the jingling of reindeer bells, or at least see the reindeer antlers on my mantle. I have officially been bitten by the holiday bug. I purchased Halloween cupcake wrappers and am ready to hang lights....only a few more months, but in the meantime I am holiday browsing. How amazing are these wreaths from Horchow?
Some subtle antlers in greenery....Love the full deer.Have a hippie Christmas? Adore this one!Peace out! Oh, and by the way, if there is a guy out there that would like to donate deer sheds that would be fantastic! Just sayin'......


Love, love, loving this gigantic Beatles print. Help I need somebody, not just anybody to help me find this print!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Romancing the stone.

Movies for a Monday. I have been in love with Katie Holmes and design collaborations ever since Dawson's Creek met American Eagle and J.Crew....well they have done it again. Based on the book by Galt Neiderhoffer, The Romantics, is the the story of a group of friends with an incestuous dating history that reunite for a wedding and you can only guess what happens. Another chick flick, but less sappy....and what's not to love about Katie, Josh, Anna, Adam, Elijah, and Malin. A must see in my book!....to their glittering future.

Happy {no} labor day!

No vacation, but a little time by the water was enjoyed. Cheerio~

Room to grow.

Some AHHH-MAZE-ING rooms via Apartment Therapy. They're my inspiration.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sofa-king cool.

Oh how I am craving a perfect couch {once again}.....I just have taste that supersedes my salary--no biggie. I have always craved the perfect Anthropologie couch, but the I realized what I was really wanting was something with tufts, a Chesterfield inspired-shape, essentially: the anti-couch of Suburbia. See my picks below:
1. Love the tufts, and the deep seat.2. Simple square shape. Love the idea of a perfect box with the arms of the couch sitting squarely on either side. If only this was a metallic linen.3. Love a good vintage print.4. Love bright colors {on furniture--not my clothes}.5. Simple, chic and purposefully-slipped.6. Green. Tufts. Square. Fave.7. Perfectly leather and perfectly regal.8. Love the shape! Skip the black leather.9. Love the shape and studded design.I'm done....but don't you want one. My lust-worthy source: Horchow. And, yes, I realize I just said love more than is socially or linguistically acceptable, but these couches really got me!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you remembah?!?

Happy Septembah!


Let's crossover. Reading Eat, Pray, Love I learn that Italians often times use words to describe different people, cities and ideas. One such word is attraversiamo--my interpretation is this Cross body bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs. A welcome change from my usual 50 pound Gustto that I love so. (not to worry I can't compartmentalize my life all the time!)
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