Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've got the power....

I saw this street sign on a bar for LaSalle Power Co. and had to share. I work at a power company and this seemed very apropos, except it's a bar/music venue and not a public each his own I suppose....

Mystic Pizza

No we weren't in Connecticut at Julia Robert's namesake, we were in Chicago making our way through the windy city. Jenn had to have a traditional Chicago style deep dish pizza and we finally found some at Lou Malnati's.There were countless pizza joints around town, but after some unsuccessful Blackberry Googling (Malnati's is tricky!) and a quick call to Crystal's sis we settled on this one, melted cheese and all....The second Golden Retriever I saw walking about the town. I love them!

Big city nights...

...and big city lights. Our first night out in Chicago we ate dinner at Scoozi, a cute Italian place. I had the salmon with sauteed spinach (boring eater and I don't do pasta!) and Jenn and Crystal had the gnocchi. We saw Wrigley Field for a moment checked out The Cubbie Bear, Harry Caray's, The Houndstooth (an Alabama football themed place!)These are some views I snapped through the glass of our hotel room at night.

Take me away...

It was sad that we didn't get to the museum until 3:30pm, have I mentioned we had a whirlwind trip?? Well we had about an hour and a half to spend at the museum and it went by too quickly. When we finally left at 5:00pm we had to catch a cab to get back to where we were staying and catching a cab right as the museum is closing is not the greatest idea as everyone else is doing the same this. There was a line of approximately 50 people waiting on cabs. UH-OH! I thought. I was very afraid we were going to be there a little longer than I cared to, but we ran across to Soldier Field and walked up less than a block and grabbed a cab 15 minutes later. That's how it's done-such pros!On our right back we passed Cloud Gate and the Pritzer Pavillion-next time Chi-town, next time.

A boy named Sue.

The one reason I wanted to visit this museum was Sue-the largest and most complete dinosaur skeleton. I think my love of dinos is deeply rooted in the movie Jurassic Park, I think I have a small fantasy that it could happen. Sue reminded me of every moment of that movie-whether it was the dino DNA encased in the amber, Dr. Grant flying onto the island or the water running down the man's hand as the T-Rex approached. I love that movie and will forever have an obsession with dinosaurs.

The field of dreams.

Some more photos of my visit to The Field Museum. Snap happy, I was.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fielding my curiosity....

I must admit I was beyond excited when I found out we were going to visit the Field Museum. Anyone who had spoken to me in the past week had heard about Sue more that they could possibly care to. Sue is the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex and is found at the Field Museum in Chi-town. But it was not just the dinos that got me. The Field Museum also exhibits a set of human cultural anthropology exhibits, including artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Pacific Northwest and Tibet, a diverse taxidermy collection, featuring many large animals, including two prized African elephants and the infamous Lions of Tsavo, featured in the 1996 movie, The Ghost and the Darkness, and a large collection of Native American artifacts.
The first mukluks.Totem.Headdress.Given an ancient dwelling we felt the need to act out the scene.Mammoth tusks.I found the shoes!
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