Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take me away...

It was sad that we didn't get to the museum until 3:30pm, have I mentioned we had a whirlwind trip?? Well we had about an hour and a half to spend at the museum and it went by too quickly. When we finally left at 5:00pm we had to catch a cab to get back to where we were staying and catching a cab right as the museum is closing is not the greatest idea as everyone else is doing the same this. There was a line of approximately 50 people waiting on cabs. UH-OH! I thought. I was very afraid we were going to be there a little longer than I cared to, but we ran across to Soldier Field and walked up less than a block and grabbed a cab 15 minutes later. That's how it's done-such pros!On our right back we passed Cloud Gate and the Pritzer Pavillion-next time Chi-town, next time.

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