Saturday, September 26, 2009

Personal shopper....

Dear Anthropologie,
Can I be a buyer? I had these science flasks before they were sitting proudly on your shelves, my globe is displayed on my dresser and a geode purchased in DC at The Smithsonian sits snuggly beneath my Diet Coke as a converted coaster. I know you're a tough customer but I have impeccable taste and am always one step ahead with please, hear me out. I think we'd make a great pair!

Photo-shopping {literally}!

I think I got the best two picture texts today! This absolutely perfect chair. The perfect combination of leather and plaid much like the Anthro one I lusted after years ago. Can I have this one please??And this table painted with a Euro scene....side table, perhaps?

Free fallin'.....

Nothing like a little Tom Petty to kick off the fall season! I held off an entire week to put out my Halloween decor, but with only four days left in the current month I could not hold off any longer. I was barraged with 100 days of holidays emails (BHG), constant images from new fall magazines, and the pumpkins for naturally, I pulled out the orange and black and I must confess that the little twinkling lights are making me want December to hurry up and get here, but without further adieu here's the spread.

The balcony draped with tulle (tool-ay!--joking) and orange lights and my iron jack-o-lantern filled with lights.Tiny Jack bags above my drapes. Thanks for finding these Debbie.My glittered pumpkin--I copied Martha.Some fall leaves crept in, black roses, and my silvered Jack. Much to my Mom's unmentioned chagrin this is my favorite. Very apothecary-like and very Martha. Antlers, science flask, and skulls in a cloche.Lights with tulle above the cabinets and my Halloween luminary.Candle holders double as pumpkin holders....and drum roll please, the mantle! A hodge podge of black candles, lights, tulle, pumpkins and more.I made the banner a few years ago by photocopying pages from a vintage book and layering the triangles with black card stock, then stringing the letters.The fireplace filled with lights and pumpkins top the found pedestals.The broomstick and Terra cotta jack.Full effect.
......Until Christmas.....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Winner's circle.

Loving these award ribbons. Why not go out on a limb and pin one on like a broach? I can SO see these in the next J.Crew logbook.....maybe the full-on ribbon is a little much so I'll go with the round portion with a vintage gold pin. If you don't feel like crafting your own check out The Shiny Squirrel for these fine dandies crafted by Jessica Grindstaff and Leilani Arita.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We don't need no....! Love the entrance to this building of higher learning. Classic, Gothic architecture.

Fall finds...

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies....."Some fall shots courtesy of my Dad from Bama.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purple rain....

The Color Purple leads me to think of a plethora of musical references including Prince's Purple Rain and of course the Jimi Hendrix-cult classic-Purple Haze. After a few photo searches I stumbled across this one. Interestingly enough, it certainly is history and fashion repeating--do you all remember Michael Jackson's military blazer??

The "Pitts"....

Brad {Pitt} unabashedly rocked these monogram loafers for the premier of Inglorious Bastards. I am literally drooling over the the blatant block letter monogram. Can I get a MBT, or MKT, as some put it? Heck, I'll settle for MT. Could these be Stubbs and Wootten--not sure but I have adored the SW's for years.Talk about a shoe snob......And who could resist these? A crown, skull, and nail you! Ah well I'll probably never get a pair for myself, but for all you gentlemen out there...just sayin'......

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yo ho ho!

Ahoy be Talk Like a Pirate shiver me timbers and get to pillages these seas be rough and if ye don't have sea-fairin legs ye may walk the plank....ARRRGGGHHHH! For those of you that don't know--today is a holiday-Talk like a pirate day! So try to incorporate a few ARRGGHHHHSSS!! in everyday conversation.Ahoy Mateys
Ahoy Mateys by mariet726 featuring Betsey Johnson jewelry

What fools these mortals be!

....Nothing like a little writing on the wall for a Saturday am, right? For all who thought wallpaper was dead-Tracy is bringing paper back! Tracey is no mortal fool and her line of unique wall coverings features everything from cutlery and sequins to stitched Shakespeare. I found the Shakespeare at Anthro, but had seen the cutlery for years and finally know the source. Tracy caters to each client's needs and always keeps designs simple and current. She updates shapes and designs for each project and treats the paper more as textile, or the ancient papyrus. The paper is woven to create 3-D effects to place on otherwise flat spaces {walls}.Although I can't promise that these designs will last or that you will want to see them 100 years from now {as the quote from William Morris suggests}, I do know that they are timeless and inspiring complements for small spaces-a closet, a bathroom, a child's room, behind a book case, or as art above a fireplace. This is simply not your mother's wallpaper-thankfully!Which one{s} do you want?
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