Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't take it back Jack{-o-lantern}!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweenie.

The folks over at Kate Spade donned their Halloween best as they recreated the royal affair. I must say I do love the hat and Elton, but maybe next year I will be Superman. Such a classic.

Oh happy Christmas...

Yes, it is Halloween and yes I am shopping for Christmas trees? I am a planner after all ;).....this year's decision white or green? You tell me!

Pillow talk.

I finally made some pilows for the couch! Hand-stamped with Nirvana lyrics...but for the holidays I'm thinking I might nee something shiny like these. Easily created by hand-stamping muslin with gold paint.

Did I mention I love all things shiny and glittery :)

Words with friends....

Oh poor neglected blog, I am eventually going to catch up on posting! In the meantime I am loving these word plays on the wall.
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