Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

My Memorial Day was spent relaxing with coworkers on the water. It was sadly a retirement party for one of my favorite and most influential coworkers. I knew it would be sad occasion considering I had cried the day it was announced that Ronnie would be retiring, but miraculously I had kept it together (aka not cried) at his retirement or Friday as I helped him save files and watched him pack his office, but trust me it hit me today as I drove away from his home. The minute I pulled out of his driveway my eyes welled up and the tears flowed out. I was driving away from his home and driving into a new era at my job. There have been too many changes in the past few weeks and I am not sure that any are for the best. While I know that it was Ronnie and Chuck's time to leave and retire into the retired life they deserve, it is is greatly difficult on me to say goodbye. I am losing a part of my life, I am losing the office I could easily walk into for advice; I am losing one more safety net....I am losing more than I can put into words.Three hours later as I type this I am still between tears. I know as I enter work tomorrow and drive in there's a darn good chance I'm going to is going to be a while before I move past the fact that Ronnie is not there.
*A photo of Sophia {coworker's daughter} and I at the party.

Clean slate.

Charlotte's house was a perfect translation of immaculate. Having always grown up in an ivory tower, her apartment was designed in whites and creams.

Sweet home.....

Take a step inside Big and Carrie's New York abode. The colors are subdued and it has a masculine feel. Partly to make Big feel comfortable and partly to create transition between that a the rich, jewel tones of Abu Dhabi.

First stop--the closet painted with warm, soothing blue hues {Blue dusk, Benjamin Moore} and a poppy rug {Magherita by Marni, The Rug Company.Carrie curls up in this chair on numerous occasions. There is pillow that is perfectly placed for decor, but moves throughout the room as she nervously fidgets with it.Carrie takes a plunge into nature with this bird printed wallpaper {Oiseau by Kate Riddler} and butterflies in a bell jar, but these organic details are contrasted in true Carrie-fashion with a chic mirror and glam lamps.The coffee table is one of my favorite pieces. Does anyone know where to get one of these "deep dish" tables? The books are arranged ingeniously. Trying to read the titles, the only one I could make out was by Lewis Carroll. The Foo Dog bookends are a perfect accessory {I must have some!}. The succulents are perfect for Carrie's lack of domesticity, and the blue pouf is the perfect accoutrement for whimsy.TThe kitchen screams Big with it's metallic back splash. Considering Carrie never cooks this is definitely his domain. The dining area is filled with plush parsons chairs upholstered in Belgravia for Lee Jofa.

Fall into The Gap.

The Gap.....the first things that come to mind are chinos and oxfords but the brand's new design collaboration with Pierre Hardy is nothing to ignore. Super-tall lace up booties and wedgies make-up the new word on price range or if they will be available in stores...but I'm gearing up to own a piece of shoe history.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Copy cat.

Well if the bling below isn't for you, you could always try Halston. It seems that SJP has landed herself the role as the senior design director for the brand and sported several of the lines looks in the new flick. This line brings back some of the vintage looks at mid-range price points. Talk about good marketing, it should be easy for Neiman's and other boutiques to unload these pieces featured in the flick.

Look alike...

Yes, with any SATC flick there are things some girls crave and Patricia Field has made these available. Carrie finally gets some bling to go with her wedding band in the form of a 5 carat black diamond. Priced at $10k, Big gave this to Carrie because she wasn't like all the other girls.....well maybe he should have gone with vintage? Just a thought.Another item seen throughout the flick is this shiny lucky clover. I have a few of my own and may start sporting the lucky item once again.

Bringing sexy back.

I must say this-->spoiler alert. Yes, it's official I saw SATCTM2 on Friday evening and was initially concerned that upon entering the theater we were the only group in there......thankfully the space filled. The movie opened rather slowly and I had read that SJP was conceited and lack luster...that the chemistry between she and Big was off. Well it was, but only to portray marriage woes. I gasped as Big opened the vintage box...and I uttered the words "Vintage Rolex," then when Big gives Carrie her anniversary gift--a television, Carrie flips. Trust me, I understand the dangers of technology for gifts of the heart. Carrie is bored she will become an old married lady and her life will be boring, she wants to go out and get pushed in a crowd, She wants to be in the middle of the action and she cringes at the brown bag of take out. A few days later she leaves the house for two days returning to her old apartment to write and think. The story line develops and she and the girls head to Abu Dhabi to gallivant across the desert. Carrie finds Aiden, Charlotte finally cracks admitting that she is not super mom, Carrie kisses Aiden, Samantha is arrested, they sing karaoke, they lose the silver spoons they were handed(personal Maybachs) and return home humbly bringing lessons learned across the worls. Carrie realizes that she had spent half her life running around New York chasing Big and finally she had him sitting in front of her on her couch. She learned to appreciate and love what she had. In true Sex and the City form the story came full circle just like SJP's Zac Posen skirt.

But enough of that--the looks, the fashion is what I want more of. The ballerina look is back in the form of this Zac Posen taffeta number and Dior tee. My personal fave.The movie opens with SJP in this white Halston number and shiny Louboutins.More Halston.80s flashback when Carrie first moved to NYC. I heart the Converse.Love this looks as well. So fun. Capri jeans with Brian Atwood pumps, thrifted plaid and a sweat band. Classic Pat Field.Dress by Pat Field.Love the headdresses and hats in the flick. This top and tiara is what she sings karoake in....hey, don't we all need crowns?More Halston.The dress she met Aiden in and the Chanel glasses.The Louboutins worn with the John Galliano for Christian Dior dress. I died when she walked out in this dress. One of the best moments in the entire movie.....she got her sparkle back....

So last year.....

Mark it down....I saw Sex and the City: The Movie Part Deux (SATCTM2) and I loved it, but not before I googled my heart out trying to find spoilers, fashion and shoes....then I found some classic looks...the looks that made SJP, SJP.
Take 1: In the first movie Parker, not one to recycle wore the studded belt and black gladiators throughout the flick. This left me wondering if I would spot a unified theme in the next flick?Take 2: The ballerina. Take 3: The dress Carrie wore as she waited in Paris on Alexander who never came until she had drifted off to sleep.
.....well that's enough of a tease....on with the feature film...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

J.Crack attack.

Jenna Lyons is a genius....the Sarah Jessica Parker of J.Crew if you will. I am loving this chic ensemble below: Over-sized scarf, blazer, boyfriend jeans, glasses, socks and sandals. Yes, I admit, I want to be Jenna Lyons.And this is her closet...or room of clothes if you will. I love it. One day I hope to have a room of tricks. What's not to love, the horns, the fireplace, the nonchalance. Look at the center--2 chest of drawers....perfect.And my last J.Crew rant...this lovely straw fedora. I got one back in March and have loved it since. Perfect for the beach, a concert, or just because.....

J.Crew....I am in love....just sayin'.............

La Vie Boheme...

Lo Boheme is a vintage inspired accesory line based in San Diego.The company was created when one of the designers, Lauren (aka LO) in the midst of planning a wedding needed a personal gift for her bridesmaids. Lo created chic hairpieces from vintage flowers sourced from European millinery houses. After guests and vendors praised the flowers, the company was started.


I think it's safe to say I've taken a hiatus from shopping...I tend to do that when summer rolls around and the temps heat up. I lose every desire I have --so I've taken to online window browsing in the form of Gilt. Loving these dresses.
-In the fringe.-This skirt is Vera Wang; exactly like a garnet one I own from BCBG.-Piet Mondrian anyone? Love this.

Deer me.

Loving this wall paper from Barneby Gates. Perfect for a small space or maybe a trade for antlers in a masculine room.

Such a stud.

The countdown to the lovely Carrie is on, sadly I'm not one of the fabulous few that saw it last night. I had already tried to do a midnight viewing of a Twilight flick and left before it started because I was so exhausted and the thought of standing in line for that long that late at night did not appeal to me. But Carrie might have been worth it from what I've worries though, I will soon see the flick-->this Friday to be precise and in the meantime I'm drooling over these studly Brian Atwood beauties featured in the movie....and guess what? You too can get a pair at Saks.

1 more day!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Christmas in July, Halloween in May....why not? Check out these glam pumpkins. How can you not love the punky chic studded variety, the little Louis and of course Chanel....yum! Now these are pumpkins that I could sink my teeth into!
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