Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the day....

Do you remember school photos? I sure as heck do! Sitting in the library in a small chair with a most unflattering gray background, two shots--maybe three if it was the end of the film (yes it was pre-digital!), and in two weeks you would be picking out the least of the two unflattering pictures...those were the days.....Well it turns out you never outgrow picture day. At work, we held our very own picture day complete with props (see the photo below).....what jalapenos, a boa, a baseball, and a crown have to do with electricity I will never know.I was sadly left with nothing to do but wear all the props at once! Sorry, I don't think I am posting that incrimitaing photo ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Death becomes her........

Or it....or him.....or SOME-thing! My laptop of seven, yes seven years, passed away at 7:54 am on Sunday, January 25, 2008. For all of you out there that were wondering why I had not been blogging, maybe this was my wake up call. I tried to blame it on post-Christmas depression haha! That excuse did not really fly...but a computer "dying" no I think that is an excuse that rivals dogs eating homework, except it actually happened! Sure it had been on the fritz for the past couple of weeks, shutting down randomly, jumping ahead two pages and going back three--the whole experience was a crap shoot, and I was determined and can be quoted as saying, "I'm not buying one until this one dies." Well it died, so I bought one within two hours of the passing I found an less expensive one to purchase to get me through until I update to the new Windows version. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City when her beloved laptop that she typed her columns on crashed....and she wrapped it in a pashmina and carried it to the repair store, and the guy asks, "Have you backed it up?" She gets a horror-stricken look in her eyes........and I ask myself the same question.....No guys I had not backed up my data, files, photos, music, etc....great! But that's really the least of my worries, I just want a functioning computer.....that I can log onto in the's like caffeine to start my day or something. Although my productivity did greatly increase. I was at work an hour earlier than my average, I made of list of things I wanted to shop for, I packed a change of clothes, took my trash out.....well I also could not sleep and woke up at 3:00 am so maybe that was the variable du jour that led to my lack of tardiness.

I had been through a lot with that laptop: I started college, finished college, started grad school, finished grad school, started mt first job....and there the story goes. I think the first thing I saved on it were Western Civilization notes for Dr. Welch's summer class............from those beloved, worry-free college days! Oh well, maybe this finally pulled me out of my blogging reminds me of the movie Marley and Me when the editor gives Owen Wilson's character a column--a column! Owen does not want a column at all....he is purely a "facts man," but then one day he and his wife adopt a puppy....and that puppy (Marley) becomes the subject of all his columns. He cannot write without including Marley, Marley this and Marley that.....went to the park with Marley, fed Marley, Marley jumped in the lake, read the paper, Marley ate the paper....well you get the idea. Great movie! I highly recommend it. I can remember in elementary and high school when something called for creative writing I always turned to the dogs.....much like this move (and book by John Grogan!)

Well good morning and hopefully happy blogging when my new computer arrives~
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