Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After my hair dryer kicked the dust, the cravings hit. The craving to get a hair cut, the craving to do something different my mop, the craving for a change. I have since gotten a trip (after 5 months!), a new hair dryer and curling iron and am on the lookout for product to make my hair Zoe worthy (see below). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A moment...

A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh. Loving this song.

Wax on. Wax off.

I just discovered an awesome new jewelry line. Waxing poetic is the name and you mix and match the charms and bracelets. Check it out.Peace perfect.Yes and no.My fave is this quote bangle. I want the perhaps.perhaps...perhaps.....and the give more than a damn ones....please.Pearls and charms. Yes, please.Turns out they made the cut for Korean Vogue. Next stop America.

Going buggy.....

OK, sometimes I have random taste and tonight is one of those times. Not that I could see either of these things sitting on my desk, but to have them there for a day just to throw your fellow cube dwellers off....well that might be worth it.....hmmmmm......Thank you, Smithsonian for giving me these creepy crawlers and bringing me back to fifth grade nastiness....

Peace out.

I'm making my list. Well, not quite but I am in the Christmas spirit ready to bake up a storm, make gingerbread houses and sing off key....and these ornaments would be perfect on my white and silver tree. Just sayin'.
What's not to love about a Sundance sale?


As if I don't have enough pairs of boots already, much less Uggs. Here are my choices for Fall 2010.
1. For riding through the country.2. For hiking through the back forty.3. For clogging a la Free People with a prairie skirt.
4. For coziness....Love, love, love.....5. Perfect fold-over boots. (preferably not in smurf blue)Hurry up cool temps....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Give me novocaine....

Horrors--a week ago my dentist informed me I had my very first cavity. My heart sank and I could not fathom that I really had one. I wanted to go back in time and brush my teeth eight times a day, but the damage was done and it was irreversible. I was in line for my very first filling and I admit I was nervous about it. Today I sat waiting in the dreaded chair for fifteen minutes nervously staring out the window wondering what was about to happen. I psyched myself up and tears welled up.....waiting....just waiting....Finally the doc stepped in. Trying to calm my nerves he started talking about what I did for a living and commented on the fact that I would make an excellent ball room dancer due to my height (random). He began the procedure and injected me with the longest (in length and time) shot I have ever received. It did not hurt. The doc asked if I was tingly. I said I was, then the drilling commenced. Oh goodness, I was not numb. He stopped and re-injected me. Two shots down and I laid back for the drilling listening to him and his assistant exchange a slur of dental speak, apply the porcelain to my tooth, shape it and dry it with a UV light. Finally I was done.....and so was my mouth. Numb did not begin to describe it. Yes, I was worried I would not regain consciousness. Two hours later I was parched and I tried to down a Diet Coke...but it was not in the cards until five and a half hours later that I regained feeling in my mouth and tongue. I'd say the shot(s) worked! Thought for the day: Brush those teethies!! In honor of my experience here's some Green Day to lighten the mood and drain the pressure from the swelling....

Happy Holidays!

Halloween is upon us, and browsing Pottery Barn for some inspiration I found HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS. I had heard rumors that Halloween candy was popping up on super market shelves, but this was the piece de resistance. Vintage skull prints, pumpkin soup bowls, Gothic bottle stops and cloches filled with spiders. Yes, please....with Halloween comes Christmas.
How will you deck your halls?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks...

Go to a Train concert? Go to an opening of a new music venue? Go to a dinner...yes! Dinner began with me throwing on clothes last minute and traipsing out the door wondering if I would make it on time. I quickly plugged the address into my Garmin and was on my way. Scheduled to arrive at exactly 6:31, I cautiously drove through the rain hoping to get there sans snafus and I did it. Walking in Jessica's house perfectly on time I immediately was introduced to the new beau. He was certainly a little Chatty Cathy and wanted to know everything about all of us. (Way to play the polite man card) We sat awkwardly at the dinner table and he proceeded to get the 411 on me querying my education, marital status, child count, age, boy status, and lastly boy-in-waiting status. He even was gracious enough to offer to set me up with his friends. I wanted to tell him that unless he had a thirty year old son then there would be no setting up because gramps was in his late forties. After that awkward pause he told me he would not ask my age, but instead asked when I graduated. I submitted an answer and told him he could do the math sarcastingly. Let the awkward times roll. I admit a few of us had plans to escape the par-tay and venture to a new music venue. We were trying to get the show on the road, but thought we were goners when we heard, "Oh crap, not the oven cleaner." Oven cleaners I know.

One cool fall night I had the brilliant idea to clean my little oven, and it was the last time I attempted that fun venture. I thought I was going to burn my apartment down. Sure I knew it would reach high temps and burn the crumby contents of the oven. Little did I know smoke plumes would rise from the corner eye filling my small space with enough smoke to kill someone. The oven locked and inside I saw flickering flames. I was in trouble. I did not have the normal dirty oven, I had the flammable space. I had roasted vegetables and olive oil spattered all along the inside making a great fire starter. I called the lady that lived below me, called my mom and was about to call maintenance and the fire department and then Mrs. S and I got the cleaning cycle shut off. Granted the oven was stopped but still locked. I breathed deeply waiting with baited breathe knowing that this was the last time I would attempt oven cleaning alone.

Well thankfully our little cleaning session only lasted a few moments and the bacon-wrapped scallops were saved, but we were not. Only on the salad course we still had to make it through two more. Taking a breather before dessert we made it out by 9:30ish--a little late, but the music could still be done. Sitting and waiting on the music we critiqued the evening, food and dude. Consensus: the prime rib was not seasoned and however nice the guy seemed he could still be a Schmuck.

*If you have not seen the movie, Dinner for Schmucks--go see it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Build a bear....

What is it about stuffing a teeny tiny heart into a bear that makes it personal....is it picking out the type of bear, picking the outfit, personalizing a sound?? Nope....it's consumerism taking over, and I bought into it once. My first boyfriend (if you'd call him that) decided to join the Navy and left to start training. I sent him letters, photos and gifts nearly every day to keep his spirits up through the process and one such gift was you guessed it--a BEAR, but not exactly a build-a-bear. He had gotten one of those for his ex so I did not want to go down that road. I got a Vermont Teddy--simple, classic and tasteful--I ordered a sailor uniform to personalize it and saved it for his return. Well a lot of water went over that bridge and we were not dating/talking by the time he returned and I was left with a Navy teddy. The teddy sat (laughing at me) in the corner of my bedroom as a reminder of my lack of a boy. But as it turns out one man's bear can in fact be another man's bear. The next guy I dated a few months later played baseball. I ordered a baseball uniform for the bear, chunked the sailor get up and passed the animal along. Happy Valentine's ha! (Sorry people, regift, but the one and only time I've done so)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The kids are all right.

Well, this kid is not all right. Everything is going to be okay. Everything will work out the way it's supposed to. It was for the best. Good things will come along. Really, people, cut the crap....if there's anything I don't want to hear it's one of those things. I have been biting my tongue grinning and bearing my current situation, but deep down I am unhappy with the results. I am smiling on the outside, but desperately want things to change drastically. I need changes in latitude.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head....

Five hours and three-hundred and some odd miles later with only one wrong turn I find myself in the New York of the South (Atlanta). I headed straight for Lennox and my love, anthropologie. I snagged some lovely sweaters and realize that my carriage was about to turn into a pumpkin if I didn't leave soon. I hurriedly left and headed for the hotel/motel.I plugged the directions into the Garmin and was at the hotel in no time flat. I wondered where I was supposed to park considering there were conflicting comments on the web. One said onsite, one said valet, one said self. In the future I should call (I blame myself--never self park in Atlanta, New York or DC). I notice a car coming out of an alley and realize if I navigate my way down this is where I'll be parking. I buzz the operator and am immediately let in--good security, huh? I park and proceed up to the lobby level. I check in and begin the laborious process of schlepping my baggage up to the fifth floor (no porter involved). After successfully in the room I began unpacking my things. Having hung the contents of my suitcase on five hangers I started up the laptop to begin working. Testing....testing...testing....still no Internet access. I buzz the front desk and they offer to send up maintenance. Little did I know maintenance would scare me to death. I thought I was a goner--let's just say maintenance was less than kosher. I called my mom so that if I was mugged, raped and chopped into small pieces someone would know. Thank the Lord I survived...still with no Internet. I then locked every door I could find. I sat on cross-legged in the center of my bed reflecting on my situation. I breathed a shallow sigh of relief, knowing that I would be sleeping with one eye open, but I had survived. The question was could I do this for five more days? Then I heard it.....the sound of running water. Did someone turn on the shower? Did someone sneak in? Was maintenance back? I nearly jumped out of my skin and crept toward the bathroom wondering what I would find. There was a rush of water coming from the gaping ceiling tiles. Great--the last straw. I called mom, and given her lack of Atlanta expertise I phoned a friend and he managed to aid this damsel in distress and at the eleventh hour we found a hotel. I grabbed my clothes off the racks, shoved them into my suitcases sans folding. I rode the elevator downstairs and said two things: "There is water pouring out of my bathroom ceiling and I would like to cancel my reservation." To which the front desk clerk responded, "OK, ma'am." His sheer lack of objection probably guaranteed they were used to these situations. I then lugged about 150 pounds of bags to the subterranean garage slinging my bags into the back of the car and locking the door swiftly. I proceeded to pull out of the garage waiting on the ole Garmin to get a signal using the address my mom had texted me. Then the rain started (and I don't mean more ceiling rain). I was in Atlanta in the rain trying to find a place to sleep at 8:45pm. I drove around several blocks before biting the bullet and calling my Atlanta friend. Thankfully he was a little more patient than I would have been and talked me through all the streets....then I uttered um I followed my GPS and keep ending up at this dive bar....it does not look like a hotel to me! We then realized I had an extra northeast in my GPS address....great. We tried again and he talked me through every twist and turn patiently as I freaked out up until the point where I pulled in safely to the wondrous hotel and handed my car over to the valet...ahhhh relaxation....

*I am thankful I found a safe place to stay and thankful for the help I had, but I have to say this was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt in a hotel. Also, the water was not pouring out above the shower, but above the toilet...use your imagination. By the time I was safely behind door number two of hotel number two I was so hyped on adrenaline that I did not hit the sack until about 1:30am. My seminar began at eight. Hello, caffeine.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free as a bird.

...loving this Free People video for Bloomingdales...

I heart that....

How simply these photos are created. Inititally I believed that these heart lights were created with a swift jerk of the camera--how silly of me. All it takes is a simple lens cover in any shape you desire. Am I the only one that did not know this?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stud Muffin....

Hello, lover. I am obsessed with these shoes....the two bad things: Price=$200 and I cannot wear them to the office......either way......Sam Edelman, you are a genius and you are breaking my heart with these beauties.I am contemplating breaking my no pump over $100 rule......

Songs for Saturday....

I have officially reached a very chilled state. Friday went well and whatever happens I can rest assured I put my best shoe forward. This morning I'm listening to some fun music...here are my picks to kick off the weekend:

Thick as Thieves by Dashboard Confessional featured on Color Me Katie

My fave inspirational song lifted from my one of my favorite chick flicks.
And for some reason I can't get enough Rooney....sadly I went to a concert and it turned out to be a bunch of teens.

If it's love by Train....fave band from years back making a "come back" and yeah I'm "in it to win it" (in case you were wondering).

A random pick: Marcy Playground, Sex and Candy

....and one final to kick your morning off right.....some good vibes from Grace Potter.

Happy Saturday~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!

Good morning all....I need all the calmness I can gather and all the luck {where preparation meets opportunity} I can channel.....T minus 2.5 hours....in the meantime I am listening to some tunes. Check out this video--kind of different, but this is the song in the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love. Cannot wait to see that movie!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you're not winning....

.....you're losing. Everyone's a winner.....three little words I hate to hear. Ever since my fourth grade science fair.....I have cringed when someone tells me that. Sorry there is one best of show, one blue ribbon and one job.
Here's to competition, no Consolation prizes and Phoenix.

I think I can.

I realize I have some lofty short term goals....so in an effort to not get in over my head I'm giving myself a year to work every some breathing moment{s} to do something different.
...I think I can...I think I can...I know I can!!

Ruffle my feathers.

If I had an opportunity to redo my shower curtains I would "mos def" be going to anthro or Urban for some of these. Drapes, bedding and shower curtains. Oh my.....

Where everybody knows your name.....

Cheers! Raise a glass with these unique champagne flutes. Have you ever seen anything so cute?
Be sure to check out the rest of Olive and Cocoa's offerings.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can't buy me love.

Talk about a trainwreck. As if The Bachelor or The Bachelorette aren't enough.....what's left to do but cram the castoffs from the aforementioned in a house together for hookups, breakups, breakdowns...oh and a little thing called $250,000.Yes, I'll be watching in case you're wondering....

Love is a battlefield.

I thought we had reached an understanding, the institution of marriage and I. Weddings are the like the triathlon of female friendship: the Shower, the Bachelorette Party, and the Main Event. It's the Iron Woman and most people never make it through. They fall off their bikes or choke on ocean water. I figured if I valued my life, I'd stay away from weddings and they'd stay away from me. (Sloane Crosley) Turns out, like Ms. Crosley, I fell off my bike, drowned in the ocean and have shin splits from hell...and it wasn't even my wedding. Two friends and two weddings later I was left with a feeling of what the heck happened? I broke up with one of my friend due to choosing not to participate in girl drama and was left holding a plane ticket and a bridesmaid's dress as the other wedding is never more. If anyone else is getting married I am running the other way......for sure!

Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese? is an awesome book recommended by a good friend. I sat at my desk and quickly read through it over a lunch break, basically the principle is that change is constant and you have to adapt to keep the cheese. Sitting on the interstate last week I was wondering who moved my cheese as I sat waiting with little time to spare. Twenty miles from my home I was creeping along at the rate of a mile every forty-five minutes....then FREEDOM! I went a couple more miles down the road and came to a screeching halt and there I sat. Frantically dialling friends to calm my nerves I chatted the life out of my blackberry. There was no exit off the road shy of driving through a mud soaked median. I did not risk myself to the trenches and neither did other cars; three hours later there I sat. It must have been a humdinger of a wreck....then I spotted the cone markers! My bright orange markers to a hope of freedom. Was this road construction? No, it was a semi split in half. I drove past not looking back.....then half an hour later my friend calls me. M, Do you know what was blocking you?? Ummmm, no. He exclaims, 39,000 pounds of shredded cheese. Turns out the brakes had caught on fire and the entire truck and its contents (the cheesiest) were up in smoke. The report stated traffic was blocked for 5 hours...I was there for 3.5 of them. It will be a while before I eat cheese. In this instance I really want someone to move my cheese.

Everything in it's right place.

On another drive back home today I had the realization that I do let things fall into place. Did I set out to finish college in 3 years? No. Did I set out with a plan to go to graduate school? No. One simply led to the other....I quietly made my way through elementary school and excelled in most subjects. Middle school and high school were the no different....ever the quiet presence, I made my way to the podium as the class Valedictorian thanking the class and bidding farewell to the hill. I was headed off to college...or so I thought, not venturing far from my parents' doorsteps I stayed close to home thanks to my GPA and ACT score. I took the money and ran--enrolled asap and took a free ride to a state college. Always moving a mile a minute I had knocked out a few college classes in high school, and was well on my way to a mathematics degree until I switched to business...accounting...then marketing. I needed something that let me breathe and create. Accounting was too black and white. Worried that it might take me an extended period to graduate I doubled up some semester loads and before I knew it I was walking down the aisle (GRADUATION AISLE, mind you!) and taking photos with the Chancellor at the ripe age of just barely 21. What had I gotten myself into, I wondered?
I had already begun talking to many of my professors...and without a clear vision of the future and a few scholarship dollars in my pocket. I took the GMAT and started school again....this time with some brakes and wrapped up by MBA by 23. With a handful of degrees in my back pocket I had begun applying for jobs; looking for jobs in education, research, and sales in Tennessee, Atlanta, and Birmingham.....and one, just one, in Florida. Turns out that fateful, Florida job I found one Sunday after church at the strong suggestion of my mums friends, Ms. Kay (I can hear her now....Jimmy worked all those years there....really good company....you should look...I told Katie too) was the one in the end.
Well readers, after all that searching, and hundreds of resumes and cover letters later I found myself with 4 jobs: math teacher, drug rep, analytics in Nashville, and analytics in the Sunshine state....I bit the bullet and trusted my gut and moved to somewhere I had never been and never knew I wanted to go. It was liberating and I would do it in a heartbeat. Three years later I find myself sitting here wondering where am I going and ready to make a leap of faith and go where the road leads.
As I look back at how the twenty some odd years of my life have played out, I think it went fairly well and things have worked out in my favor. Sure along the way things happened that did not thrill me, but I look back and have forgotten those minor hiccups. At the end of the day I made my choices and accepted opportunities thankfully. I can only hope the next part of my life goes smoothly....only time will tell....will I stay or will I get to go where my heart is? Will what I want be what I need? If not.....I'll be ready with some Stones.

Office space.

Dear NBC: The Office used to make me cringe, not wanting to face the facts that I was, in fact, a cube monkey and not fully understanding the value of the show. I dreaded each and every episode. I now find myself watching the tongue-in-cheek humor and relating to each of the quirk characters. Yes, every office has a Dwight, Creed, Michael, Pam, Andy, Stanley and Phyllis.Whether Dwight is commandeering a conference room declaring it workspace, Michael is saying something inappropriate, or cats are flying through the ceiling......the show has it all, and trust me things like this really happen--I would like to personally volunteer myself to be a writer for the show....Call me. I have a few funny ones up my suit sleeve. -M

Everything is possible.

If you take the impossible part, it reads I'm possible.....Today, please find your confidence! I misplaced mine a few months ago, but am keeping my head up today!...I think I can...I think I can....

The way we get by.

Sometimes you want to click your heels and find your way safely home....other times you just need really special shoes. Like Carrie Bradshaw said, Sometimes walking in single girls shoes is hard--that's why we need really special ones. Maybe it isn't just a single thing--sometimes girls (Me, especially!) need special shoes. Maybe it's wanting to be taller, maybe they are a booster shot to my confidence, maybe the really shiny ones brighten my day when I look down--whatever the reason they help. Look at these lovely ladies. How I adore the pink platforms, plaid pants, knotted scarf and long culottes. Happiness.Good morning, Monday. Good morning, week. Shoes--that's the way I get by--thanks, Spoon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fall lookbook.

Trying to decompress on a Sunday I picked some Shopbop faves:
1. Open toe booties worn with tights.2. Sunnies by Marc. Thanks to a good friend these were a birthday surprise. The Kors I got on my Vegas Vacay broke--last remnants of an old boyfriend...maybe it was telling me something?? Onward and upward!3. Plaid coat. Thanks to anthro I've got one of these and by golly I can't wait to wear it and tights and boots. I saw a hipster sporting shorts and boots today....don't mind if I do too.4. Hard core jewels. Yes, I'd like a rock. Thanks.
That is all....carry on.
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