Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wax on. Wax off.

I just discovered an awesome new jewelry line. Waxing poetic is the name and you mix and match the charms and bracelets. Check it out.Peace perfect.Yes and no.My fave is this quote bangle. I want the perhaps.perhaps...perhaps.....and the give more than a damn ones....please.Pearls and charms. Yes, please.Turns out they made the cut for Korean Vogue. Next stop America.


princess V said...

You have a great blog!i am now a follower:)




Ms. Emily Ann said...

Love this jewelry line! The pearls and charms together look so awesome, and very unique!

Miranda said...

Love the pearls with the silver rings. Pearls are my thing, I like this spin on the classic look.

Hanna said...

You where totally right, this jewellery is awsome, I want to have everything!
but my favourite is the golden bracelet!


SweetHome said...

@ Princess V thank you and I'll check yours out!

@Miranda--it might not be your style but check out Nicolas Landon jewelry

@Ms. Emily thanks for the comment!

@Hanna--I agree!

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