Monday, August 9, 2010

Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese? is an awesome book recommended by a good friend. I sat at my desk and quickly read through it over a lunch break, basically the principle is that change is constant and you have to adapt to keep the cheese. Sitting on the interstate last week I was wondering who moved my cheese as I sat waiting with little time to spare. Twenty miles from my home I was creeping along at the rate of a mile every forty-five minutes....then FREEDOM! I went a couple more miles down the road and came to a screeching halt and there I sat. Frantically dialling friends to calm my nerves I chatted the life out of my blackberry. There was no exit off the road shy of driving through a mud soaked median. I did not risk myself to the trenches and neither did other cars; three hours later there I sat. It must have been a humdinger of a wreck....then I spotted the cone markers! My bright orange markers to a hope of freedom. Was this road construction? No, it was a semi split in half. I drove past not looking back.....then half an hour later my friend calls me. M, Do you know what was blocking you?? Ummmm, no. He exclaims, 39,000 pounds of shredded cheese. Turns out the brakes had caught on fire and the entire truck and its contents (the cheesiest) were up in smoke. The report stated traffic was blocked for 5 hours...I was there for 3.5 of them. It will be a while before I eat cheese. In this instance I really want someone to move my cheese.

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