Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet home.....

Take a step inside Big and Carrie's New York abode. The colors are subdued and it has a masculine feel. Partly to make Big feel comfortable and partly to create transition between that a the rich, jewel tones of Abu Dhabi.

First stop--the closet painted with warm, soothing blue hues {Blue dusk, Benjamin Moore} and a poppy rug {Magherita by Marni, The Rug Company.Carrie curls up in this chair on numerous occasions. There is pillow that is perfectly placed for decor, but moves throughout the room as she nervously fidgets with it.Carrie takes a plunge into nature with this bird printed wallpaper {Oiseau by Kate Riddler} and butterflies in a bell jar, but these organic details are contrasted in true Carrie-fashion with a chic mirror and glam lamps.The coffee table is one of my favorite pieces. Does anyone know where to get one of these "deep dish" tables? The books are arranged ingeniously. Trying to read the titles, the only one I could make out was by Lewis Carroll. The Foo Dog bookends are a perfect accessory {I must have some!}. The succulents are perfect for Carrie's lack of domesticity, and the blue pouf is the perfect accoutrement for whimsy.TThe kitchen screams Big with it's metallic back splash. Considering Carrie never cooks this is definitely his domain. The dining area is filled with plush parsons chairs upholstered in Belgravia for Lee Jofa.

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