Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

My Memorial Day was spent relaxing with coworkers on the water. It was sadly a retirement party for one of my favorite and most influential coworkers. I knew it would be sad occasion considering I had cried the day it was announced that Ronnie would be retiring, but miraculously I had kept it together (aka not cried) at his retirement or Friday as I helped him save files and watched him pack his office, but trust me it hit me today as I drove away from his home. The minute I pulled out of his driveway my eyes welled up and the tears flowed out. I was driving away from his home and driving into a new era at my job. There have been too many changes in the past few weeks and I am not sure that any are for the best. While I know that it was Ronnie and Chuck's time to leave and retire into the retired life they deserve, it is is greatly difficult on me to say goodbye. I am losing a part of my life, I am losing the office I could easily walk into for advice; I am losing one more safety net....I am losing more than I can put into words.Three hours later as I type this I am still between tears. I know as I enter work tomorrow and drive in there's a darn good chance I'm going to is going to be a while before I move past the fact that Ronnie is not there.
*A photo of Sophia {coworker's daughter} and I at the party.

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