Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bringing sexy back.

I must say this-->spoiler alert. Yes, it's official I saw SATCTM2 on Friday evening and was initially concerned that upon entering the theater we were the only group in there......thankfully the space filled. The movie opened rather slowly and I had read that SJP was conceited and lack luster...that the chemistry between she and Big was off. Well it was, but only to portray marriage woes. I gasped as Big opened the vintage box...and I uttered the words "Vintage Rolex," then when Big gives Carrie her anniversary gift--a television, Carrie flips. Trust me, I understand the dangers of technology for gifts of the heart. Carrie is bored she will become an old married lady and her life will be boring, she wants to go out and get pushed in a crowd, She wants to be in the middle of the action and she cringes at the brown bag of take out. A few days later she leaves the house for two days returning to her old apartment to write and think. The story line develops and she and the girls head to Abu Dhabi to gallivant across the desert. Carrie finds Aiden, Charlotte finally cracks admitting that she is not super mom, Carrie kisses Aiden, Samantha is arrested, they sing karaoke, they lose the silver spoons they were handed(personal Maybachs) and return home humbly bringing lessons learned across the worls. Carrie realizes that she had spent half her life running around New York chasing Big and finally she had him sitting in front of her on her couch. She learned to appreciate and love what she had. In true Sex and the City form the story came full circle just like SJP's Zac Posen skirt.

But enough of that--the looks, the fashion is what I want more of. The ballerina look is back in the form of this Zac Posen taffeta number and Dior tee. My personal fave.The movie opens with SJP in this white Halston number and shiny Louboutins.More Halston.80s flashback when Carrie first moved to NYC. I heart the Converse.Love this looks as well. So fun. Capri jeans with Brian Atwood pumps, thrifted plaid and a sweat band. Classic Pat Field.Dress by Pat Field.Love the headdresses and hats in the flick. This top and tiara is what she sings karoake in....hey, don't we all need crowns?More Halston.The dress she met Aiden in and the Chanel glasses.The Louboutins worn with the John Galliano for Christian Dior dress. I died when she walked out in this dress. One of the best moments in the entire movie.....she got her sparkle back....

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