Saturday, September 19, 2009

What fools these mortals be!

....Nothing like a little writing on the wall for a Saturday am, right? For all who thought wallpaper was dead-Tracy is bringing paper back! Tracey is no mortal fool and her line of unique wall coverings features everything from cutlery and sequins to stitched Shakespeare. I found the Shakespeare at Anthro, but had seen the cutlery for years and finally know the source. Tracy caters to each client's needs and always keeps designs simple and current. She updates shapes and designs for each project and treats the paper more as textile, or the ancient papyrus. The paper is woven to create 3-D effects to place on otherwise flat spaces {walls}.Although I can't promise that these designs will last or that you will want to see them 100 years from now {as the quote from William Morris suggests}, I do know that they are timeless and inspiring complements for small spaces-a closet, a bathroom, a child's room, behind a book case, or as art above a fireplace. This is simply not your mother's wallpaper-thankfully!Which one{s} do you want?

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