Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free fallin'.....

Nothing like a little Tom Petty to kick off the fall season! I held off an entire week to put out my Halloween decor, but with only four days left in the current month I could not hold off any longer. I was barraged with 100 days of holidays emails (BHG), constant images from new fall magazines, and the pumpkins for naturally, I pulled out the orange and black and I must confess that the little twinkling lights are making me want December to hurry up and get here, but without further adieu here's the spread.

The balcony draped with tulle (tool-ay!--joking) and orange lights and my iron jack-o-lantern filled with lights.Tiny Jack bags above my drapes. Thanks for finding these Debbie.My glittered pumpkin--I copied Martha.Some fall leaves crept in, black roses, and my silvered Jack. Much to my Mom's unmentioned chagrin this is my favorite. Very apothecary-like and very Martha. Antlers, science flask, and skulls in a cloche.Lights with tulle above the cabinets and my Halloween luminary.Candle holders double as pumpkin holders....and drum roll please, the mantle! A hodge podge of black candles, lights, tulle, pumpkins and more.I made the banner a few years ago by photocopying pages from a vintage book and layering the triangles with black card stock, then stringing the letters.The fireplace filled with lights and pumpkins top the found pedestals.The broomstick and Terra cotta jack.Full effect.
......Until Christmas.....

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