Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sofa-king cool.

Oh how I am craving a perfect couch {once again}.....I just have taste that supersedes my salary--no biggie. I have always craved the perfect Anthropologie couch, but the I realized what I was really wanting was something with tufts, a Chesterfield inspired-shape, essentially: the anti-couch of Suburbia. See my picks below:
1. Love the tufts, and the deep seat.2. Simple square shape. Love the idea of a perfect box with the arms of the couch sitting squarely on either side. If only this was a metallic linen.3. Love a good vintage print.4. Love bright colors {on furniture--not my clothes}.5. Simple, chic and purposefully-slipped.6. Green. Tufts. Square. Fave.7. Perfectly leather and perfectly regal.8. Love the shape! Skip the black leather.9. Love the shape and studded design.I'm done....but don't you want one. My lust-worthy source: Horchow. And, yes, I realize I just said love more than is socially or linguistically acceptable, but these couches really got me!

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