Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Captain, my captain.

I crawled onto the high seas as I embarked on my first sailing trip this Sunday. Nervous does not begin to describe how I felt. Initially I was psyched to go sailing...but then as I stood in my cutoff shorts staring at the tiny boat I became greatly concerned. "It does not have a motor." That was all I could say...then the next thing out of my blunt mouth was, "It is basically a canoe with a sail." Granted I should have considered the physics of the situation, tiny boat...pulled by wind....could tip over. I had not given any of this any thought, I only saw the opportunity for a new experience as I took my first sailing trip on Sunday. We nearly tipped the boat a few times, but I wasn't worry about getting wet; I was worried about my phone and camera taking a plunge. Note to self: when taking out a small sail boat carry nothing on board unless you have waterproof containers. The overall experience was good. Although I think I freaked out my boat captain with my severe lack of enthusiasm fear! Good day though....I make an excellent first mate!

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