Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feed me all night long....

Still on a high from seeing Little Shop of Horrors, I am humming the tunes in my head--particularly the Feed me bit. These bags also did nothing to help my case of forgetting the jingle, but for a good cause. Available online and at various retail locations, the purchase helps in feeding the world's 400 million hungry children. The colorful options are new and the little pouch looks quite tasty...but still I'm thinking of the play and our hungry cohort---I don't mean Audrey II. Yes, I ended up scrounging up a date for the evening, but there were three couples: One group of love birds, my date and I, and a second date. Thankfully I knew my date a little better than the other gentleman, we saw her exit stage left before intermission and we all thought she had to use the bathroom that badly. She did not come back. Intermission finally rolled around and we all made a mad dash to urinate....and then there were four. We had lost Mr. and Mrs. semi-Smith. Two minutes before the show was starting we see the Mr. wander back in..."Where were y'all?!?" we all blurted out. He responds, "She was hungry." To that we all burst into hysterical laughter--me being the worst. She had arrived late and not eaten with us, and was obviously starving halfway through the plat. Not sure if it was the blood thirsty flytrap that made her stomach rumble or the minimal theater snacks available, but one thing is sure: she had made a mad marathon dash across the street for dinner.....and we aren't talking about TGIFridays....we are talking she wandered into the nicest restaurant and begged for the quickest meal they could whip up.....and would have only had to wait one more hour for a decent meal.
Bathroom break, I think not....meal break I think so....feed me all night long.

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