Sunday, October 11, 2009

Go speed racer....

Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take this Tesla for a swing around the block. The novelty of it could have been the $100k plus price tag and the story that aired months ago on CNN, but novelty is one thing...performance is another. The sheer power of this vehicle I cannot describe. I waited for what seemed like days to drive this car. I feared that the opportunity to get behind the wheel was going to escape me, but last Thursday I managed to snag a ticket to hop in the drivers seat. I crept out of the parking lot in this low slung car and eased onto the blacktop. The only noise was the purr of the cars wheels on the pavement. There was no engine noise. And when I gave it gas accelerated the speed was amazing. 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. There was no hesitation. Once you accelerate the car is small jet taking off and once your foot eases off the accelerator the car immediately stops. That's all electric for you--there is no circuit completed and no electricity being produced. Although this car has just enough space for two smallish people and won't get me to Disney World, if I had extra dough laying around, this baby would be mine......amazing! Half a week later I am still dreaming about this Tesla and there is still a twinkle in my I truly understand the love affair people have with sports cars....pure adrenaline, but for now my sport ute is doing well and hauls things quite nicely. I love my Henri!

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