Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gimme three steps...

....outta here! The Skynyrd concert last night was a little bit of a let down. I had psyched myself up about it and am a concert junkie....but I must admit it was not as good as Dylan, Nelson, Hall and Oates, KISS or Panic...and I think my wardrobe picks were a little more glamorous than what I actally witnessed. It was more of a beer crowd verses champagne (Gail analogy).


While some of the concert goers were perfectly normal (aka Claire and I) there was definitely had a good mix of mullets, overalls and other crimes of fashion, but that wasn't all. The show was not all that impressive. I think I have heard Free Bird, Gimme Three Steps, and Sweet Home Alabama covered better by other artists. Don't get me wrong-I'm glad I went and at least the tickets were free and I can go to sleep knowing I did not pay to see them.

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