Friday, January 29, 2010


Bittersweet. I taught my final third grade Junior Achievement class today. The lesson plan included learning about a bank and its role in the community. I reviewed the basics...check, deposit, teller, and debit cards. Basic, I know. The lesson plan was very straightforward walking me through the worksheets where the children would learn to fill out checks. Little did I know that this task would prove to be a bit more complicated than I imagined. I had to think on my toes when I saw some kids err in writing their numbers. I held a quick review on the white board walking them through numbers (tens, hundreds, thousands) and how to correctly spell out the number on a check. Who knew? Teaching is a constant learning experience. The unexpected will no doubt occur, but it's moments of clarity when students grasp the concepts and really learn that make it worth it. You know you are making a difference even it's its for a brief moment.

The children (with the help of their teacher) got me a sweet gift. A vase filled with apples, one of which all the students signed, and a card. I will miss teaching the third grade, but in a few weeks I will have a Kindergarten class ready and raring to learn. :) Can't wait!

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