Friday, January 15, 2010

Flying high....

Okay, I admit it my guilty pleasure has to be reality television....every year I get sucked in by these shows and this year is no different--The Bachelor got me again! I don't even know why I watch it I could care less whether or not these girls get engaged, get a rose or go home it is all going to end in shambles anyway. I guess what's funny is what these girls say or do on national television to 1. Get the guy or 2. Get publicity.....and lastly I'd like to know where these girls' clothing allowances come from? Last year Jillian was spotted wearing DVF duds and this year Rozlyn Papa on the night she was outed and ousted was wearing a Burberry dress. The same gold, glittery number Sienna Miller had donned which likely sold for upwards of $2k.....really Roz I know you are a model, but you are not Giselle.

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