Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow more!

Some photos of the Alabama snow day at my parent's home. February 12, 2010. Oh, how I wish I had been able to go home for the snow. I halfway three-quarters of the way considered making the drive north. Barring icy , wet, snowy roads I would have gone. I lived there for twenty some odd years and saw snow once in the nineties and I move away and South Bama gets snow twice--last year a light covering fell and this year a thick coat of powder that lasted a couple of days. I wish I had gone so badly.....a little time with my parents and dogs...not a bad break if you ask me! Hope to see them soon. But, thankfully I did have the ability to work from home on this snow day and you better believe that I ran outside when the flakes fell for a few brief moments. I even took it to the next level and threw on my snow gear as I do have a minor major winter clothes obsession. My ensemble consisted of a woolly plaid Tracy Reese coat from Anthropologie, jeans, a sparkly J.Crack toboggan, and my Hunter wellies snow shoes--that's right--snow shoes! Ah well the few white flakes were absolutely wonderful I just wish there had been more! Thought of the day: "Snow days are to kids as cancelled meetings are to adults." I guess I am a kid at heart because I would take a snow day any day. Bring on the flakes Mother Nature!

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