Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get smart.....

It took donning a pair of Sarah Palin inspired glasses for my boss to tell me how smart I looked. Did he certainly forget about the bright young talent he hired when I started wearing pink shoes. Being the analytic, hypothesis testing girl that I am, when I first entered the job market I was a little sneaky. Why would a company want to hire me...a twenty-something, singleton? I was mobile, and might changes jobs a few months later...well I decided to test a theory. Would I look more committed to the task at hand if I were married, well (to let you in on the tiniest of secrets) I slipped an engagement ring on my finger for a few interviews. Yes a real engagement ring, not mine, but a real one nonetheless, and for the record it had no effect. Although looking back those few jobs weren't for me and then what would I have said months later when I was disengaged. Ah well the joke was on me, maybe I'll try glasses next time? Do glasses make smart and frills make you dumber....something to ponder as you put on those spectacles....or take off those heels.

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