Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging up...

What is it about a wedding that can turn a perfectly good person into {dare I say I?} a bridezilla? As of late I am determined that brides are angry, angry creatures and it's best to steer clear of them altogether. Whoever said beaming bride must have meant green with envy or maybe raging red...the only thing beaming are the glowing red dagger eyes. It was phone-a-friend yesterday and I received a call from a Chicago, a hangup from Birmingham and a phone call from Chicago {again} and was left with one thought and a long sigh followed by a guttural uguguguhghghghghghgg GIIIRRRLLLLSS!!!!!

An friend acquaintance called and chatted about some approaching nuptials. Honestly I am genuinely happy for those that are getting married but I am equally happy with my freedom and wonder why we all just can't get along. Friends with fiancees and boyfriends should try to understand their single friends and realize that these friends are still footloose and fancy free with little commitment to anything due to fear of rejection and a yen to not settle. While some are exchanging rings and honeymooning their lives away, others are going on first dates and still wondering who they'll get V-day flowers from (I am the latter in case you are wondering). The conversation began with a question of whether or not I had looked at hotels. I had not, I'm not the maid of honor, I'm not the bride's sister, nor am I her closest friend (when did I become the responsible party).....I then proceeded to ask what weekends she was looking at to find that one of which was a huge concert/jam fest weekend on the gulf coast. Of course, being the music/hippy child that I am.....I can't help but long to jam out instead of lay on the beach with a bunch of girls...heck I live at the beach, can drive to others within an hour and grew up going staying at the aunt and uncs condo....for the record I'm over the beach. I long to go North and visit a big city (i.e. New York).

To make a long story short, I no sooner had uttered the word concert than I heard, "So I take it you're not going?!!! I'll remember when you get married!" followed by click. Wow, so she just hung up on me.....and this is one reason why I don't have girlfriends or choose to have girlfriends who are a tad more chilled. I was then phoned by another friend begging me to go (only because she needed a ride following her flight). Do I care....honestly, no...girls=drama and I'm not down with that. After stuffing 1500 envelopes the past three years, watching friends meltdown and engagements fall apart it will be a miracle if I get married. I can say this: I will have an extremely small wedding with at maximum one bridesmaid, maybe half of one if that's an option?

OK, so maybe I just broke girl code whatever that is, but when did getting married have to equal meltdown??

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