Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hop to it now!

Spring has sprung and Easter is upon us. Post my trip to Atlanta, packing gifts for first graders, and getting a science lesson together I attempted to throw some Easter on the mantle. I had purchased some greenery back in February (yep...jumped the gun on this holiday!). Well this greenery and the bunnies had been crammed into my storage closet but last night I let it all hang out, ripped into moss to find myself sneezing and with dirt on my floor, I was also lucky enough to swing by the craft store and find vases at 40% off (heck yeah!)....well anywho two hours later I found myself with a grassy Easter spread and a clean floor (thank you, vacuum).Greatly inspired by Pottery Barn and Martha I kept the decor fairly neutral and earthy...I probably need some more apothecary jars but I can't find where I stashed mine from Christmas....
Happy Easter!

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