Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Office....

Let me tell you I have had one very long, never ending week at work. I did not leave the conference room that became my desk on Tuesday and was drowning in spreadsheets for a good nine hours. I started referring to them as Suduko....this week, my blog friends, was no different it began with not with a whimper but a {BIG} bang, a sick day and one very big annual meeting to plan. I have spent this week drowning in regulatory matters and coming up for air to ready 100 programs, sponsor lists, annual reports, check flowers, redo table sets.......the event is Saturday and I'm praying it goes off with out a hitch. I have fielded a million (okay, okay a hundred) comments from people trying to have their 15 minutes of fame and steal the difficult is it to just show up and sit quietly. Okay, enough with my rant I am ready for a productive Friday and an even better Saturday.....8pm hurry up and get here!

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