Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the fourteenth....

Talk about baked out.....I cooked Mississippi mud brownies and a cheesecake roll hurriedly (and tiredly) last night.....but some people were really grateful (others not so much). I feel like I have been going in a million directions and not one of them for me! Selfish I am not but I could use some me time or a tiny bit of support....I barely had time to open my Easter basket from my wonderful mother!! Kudos to her for the layered pearl bracelet, Marc Jacobs bag, and note cards all wrapped in coordinated Lilly P. pink and green. I absolutely loved everything..... Well it was HER birthday on April 10 and due to the banquet for 80 I planned single-handedly I had to skip it. Talk about guilt, lost sleep, stress, and second guessing. Well for the record I did let her know in advance and planned to head up to Bama the following week.....only a few more days....let the driving commence..... Happy Belated B-day Mom--see you Friday!

*On a side note I really want to make this cake via Bakerella. We always had one at Thanksgiving growing up and it is my nemesis.

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