Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kiss with a fist.

Life itself is a strange, beautiful mixed up, imperfect thing. It's about making decisions, taking chances and being happy with the final outcome. Lately I can say I've been pretty satisfied with what I've got going....honestly all you can do is play the cards you've been dealt and at the moment I have the deck shuffled fairly well....other than one minor detail. I missed Jazz Fest, I missed Widespread Panic.....and may or may not miss the Hangout Music Fest....I need my concert fix and need a concert buddy! Come on Trey Anastasio, Ray Lamontagne, Matt Hires, Matishayu, Keller Williams, Michael Franti, OKGo, Ben Harper and this list goes on and on...what's not to like? Yes, I do in fact have a bachelorette party this weekend I am seriously considering skipping...does that make me a bad girlfriend, maybe, but would they in fact be there for me if I got married...if I had a major issue...probably really can't I just write a check for the room and get my jam fest on? Selfish maybe but I can only get so much enjoyment out of sitting on a beach listening to girl the words of Natasha Bedingfield take me away....

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