Monday, May 24, 2010

Roses are red.

Hands up of everyone who is watching The Bachelorette. I am! It is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and I have been glued to the tube for the past hour and a half. Why ABC picks some of these dorks is beyond me, but it's bound to make for better TV later in the season. However, I like to pretend the whole thing will work out happily ever after....even though we all know it will come crashing down into a horrible reality TV mess. I have one vote for the entire show and that is Phil from Chicago. His vitals, you ask? Well thanks to ABC we have the skinny.*Age: 30
*Occupation: Investment Manager
*Hometown: Elmore, OH
*Resides in: Chicago, IL
*What does he admire most: His grandparents who are happy in love and life
*What he likes to do for fun: Triathalon/ironman training, going out for dinner, drinks and dancing, golf and road trips
*What he considers his three best attributes: His personality, intelligence and stability
*Tattoo Count: 0....Love how they randomly threw in tattoo count......

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