Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feed Me, Seymour....

I admit I was a little leery when a friend asked if I wanted to see Little Shop of Horrors, but after reminding myself what it was about via a few choice Youtube bits....I was convinced I had to go.I found myself humming the tune and was immediately reminded of the game my brother and I had. {Okay, he will be embarrassed if he reads this, sorry, B!!} But as a child he always liked certain things whether it be volcanoes, fish, or carnivorous plants, and for that I am thankful; I probably learned more than I cared to at the time about Pompeii and cichlids....and got to play the Feed Me! game. The Feed Me! game came out around the time of the Little Shop of Horrors remake. The game featured an "Audrey II" plant that would have its mouth open when the game was being played. There were black balls and orange balls about the size of marbles. One color was lighter and one color was heavier. When it was your turn, you'd roll the dice and whatever color popped up is what you'd have to put on Audrey II's tongue. Be careful though! As the marbles add weight onto Audrey's tongue her mouth may just clamp down on the next player to stick their hand in! We had fun just sticking our hands in and pressing down on the tongue and making it bite us.
Demented maybe, fun most definitely yes. How many kids can say they had this game.....and the irony of it all is that it was purchased because it was a venus flytrap, not because my mom remembered the movie..... I wish I could find that game!

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