Monday, July 19, 2010

Fool me once....

So much for second chances--I just gave grandpa a second opportunity to account for the fact that he had not communicated when he was out of town--EVER--while I don't do ultimatums I did clearly state what my issues were and gave him this weekend to make up for the fact that he was a complete jerk. I agreed to meet him for dinner and to talk on Thursday. I laid out the facts that his working out of town was not an issue--the issue was the lack of communication--go ahead {if an old friend is reading this--LAUGH}. When he left town I never heard from him other than a few texts and kudos to B, T and S for telling me that I should bring it up and call him out on the crap. I also proceeded to tell him that if he was out of town he should make plans in advance out of courtesy. Leaving the dinner he knew what he had to to deliver...and deliver he didn't. Funny the way it least I can rest easy knowing that it's not my problem. Maybe my new book will offer some humorous tips. How can I lose this number? I guess growing old was mandatory, and growing up was not.

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