Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joy to the world.

Ahh the perils of moving are enough to rattle even the thickest skin. Some lessons learned:
  • Even after throwing out crap I still had unforeseen amounts of junk
  • Spending three days with total strangers can make even the unlikeliest people friends {hence my relationship with my movers}
  • Eventually you do run out of room in the living room for moving boxes
  • Packed boxes take up less space than unpacked boxes and yes, there can be a single lamp shade in a five foot tall box
  • Let the movers unpack mirrors.....the paper is a bi***
  • You do not have to have food in your house to eat
  • You can sleep several nights on your bed without sheets {due to the fact you cannot find your sheets}
  • Pray you don't have to start work two days after your stuff arrives
  • Moving states you might as well be crossing enemy lines when it comes to car tags and titles
  • When it comes to draperies, measure twice and cut once
  • Don't weather strip your door and deadbolt the other door
  • Schedule the cable two weeks in advance lest you want to be tv-less
  • Don't live downtown, near train tracks or in an uber cool loft lest you want to fight the homeless
  • Don't leave electronics in your car
  • Hide your kids, hide your wife......

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