Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy birthday, Houdini!

Crate-trained, my ass. My second day with Carly I had to go to work. I really question why companies don't offer "puppy leave." I felt so bad for her, but what was I to do? I sat nervously at work a good 5 and a half hours before leaving early to care for my new child. I got home...opened the door and heard a jingle. A dog collar jingle. I walked up the stairs and saw MY DOG standing in the living room quite content with herself and apparently mocking me. The same dog I had left in her crate in the bathroom with the doors shut was now out. How did she do it? I still do not know and I seriously considered investing in a webcam. What was she going to do next? And wow, did I have my hands full!

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