Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chi Pier....

Thanks to Jenn's suggestion we visited Navy pier, took a spin on the Carousel and I took an embarrassing fall on the Pier. I know, I Well the answer is, I decided to give a pigeon a run for his money and sped my gait up to a moderate jog brisk walk and busted my bottom flat out on the Navy Pier blacktop. Jenn and Crystal told me to hurry up and get to my feet hoping no one saw me..then up from above I hear, "DO IT AGAIN!" A lovely couple caught the entire event on camera I believe. Good thing I have a sense of humor! Here are some shots of our visit:Navy Pier is located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago's Downtown and had been a notable landmark since 1916. The pier was originally designed as a shipping and recreational facility and also served as a military training area during two world wars, a concert venue, and a home to the University of Illinois.The Pier fell into disuse during the 1970s and 1980s and ownership of the Pier was transferred to the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority. Navy Pier was redesigned into one of the country's most unique recreation and exposition facilities.

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