Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Windy City...

I am not in Kansas Chicago anymore....and I am so incredibly sad! I had not been on a good trip in a while (years!), to be precise Disney World, Jackson Hole and college beach trips. I signed up for a reunion trip so to speak to meet Jenn and Crystal in Chicago for an extended weekend. The cool weather, the tall buildings, a bustling city with so much to see...could I ask for anything more...well other than NYC at Christmas! Please bear with me, I took a plethora of pictures and I must share them all over the next few posts.

NBC building. The Wrigley Building was filled with stones from different locals including my home state and one from Injun Joe's cave....I could not stop thinking Mr. Twain!
The streets were littered with several Victoria's Secret angel wings from runway shows. Of course, I had to pose-sadly I think I cheesed it up too much-these were made for Heidi Klum-not me!
American Gothic structure. We did not make it to the Art Institute, so this sculpture in front of The Chicago Tribune building will have to do.Taken at our first lunch in Chi at Dick's.
The Trump Hotel across from where we stayed-Hotel 71-great hotel!
Chicago Tribune.
Hotel room.
View of the Chi River from our hotel.
Our first cab ride in Chi on the way to the Hotel after leaving Crystal's Jeep on Wells. We were incredibly excited!Some pics I snapped on the way in--I was too impatient to wait. Crystal had to tell me to stop after the 100th one.Train station.

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