Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rajun' Cajun.....

A Jazz Fest poster hanging on the wall of a restaurant with a blue dog in the corner left me with one question....who was the artist. I could remember the fact that there was a restaurant and countless painting, but the artist's name escaped me.....after some googling the day after I have the answer-George Rodrigue is a Louisiana native who began painting outdoor family gatherings, but is more widely known for his creation of the Blue Dog series of paintings, featuring a blue-hued dog, attributed to his dog, Tiffany. The Blue Dog was made popular by Absolut Vodka in 1992, when Rodrigue was honored as an Absolut Vodka artist, joining famous artists such as Andy Warhol.George's wife has created a blog to chronicles the musings of an artist's wife, it includes numerous family photos of young George. I suggest you check it out to learn more about this blue dog man.

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