Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday thoughts...

......last night I starting thinking about what Christmas really means to me. I admit that this year I have lacked some of my normal excitement (I know some of you would beg to differ, esp. those that have seen the apt), but typically my joy/energy starts mid-October and lasts through New Year's. This year I have had one thing after the other on my brain and not even given a second thought to the notion that Christmas was here. Sure I did the tree trimming and decked my halls, but honestly I wasn't even really in the spirit. Thankfully I found the spirit a week ago....I think it started when the gifts I purchased finally began to arrive and I started wrapping them and things slowed to a stop this week at work. I found myself with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head dreaming of Christmas. I vividly remember waiting on Santa to come each and every year. We would open family presents on Christmas Eve and my little brother and I would wait for the majority of ours on Christmas Day. I would wake up very early hoping to see what Santa brought (read 3am), but I would make myself stay in my room upstairs trying to catch a view Zzzz's before seeing my Christmas surprises. When I finally wandered down around 6am I would look at a few of my gifts before my brother woke up....and he always slept late. To this day I still look forward to Santa coming and finding gifts under the tree on Christmas Day. No matter how big or small the gifts were always perfect. Considering I rarely wished for anything because I wanted everything to be the perfect surprise, Santa always nailed it. Gifts were arranged perfectly and more gifts were nestled down to the toe of my stocking...enough with the gifts....it is really more than that...Christmas is family. I can remember my first year away from home in a new city. My first year out of college with a real job. It was a hard dose of reality to know that I would not have 2-3 weeks off for the season and I had very little vacation. I literally cried when I had to travel back Christmas Day. Last year I was at home a good week for Christmas (call it avoiding the problem at hand and needing to be around my family) through New Years...yes, I am one of those boring people that did not have NYE plans, thankfully this year is different. This is honestly the first year I am okay with not seeing my parents for a full week. Maybe I am finally growing old (yeah right!)...or maybe I found a reason to stay....who knows....after all I am blogging comfortably from their house ;) so it quite easy to think I could do it.

Christmas is many things to many people. What is it to you?(My Uncle Hal and I several C-mases ago, thankfully I don't share his same taste in socks JK)

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