Sunday, December 27, 2009

In keeping....


Where did you go?
All the waiting for you to get here.
All the hurrying.
All the decorating.
All the baking.
All the celebrations.
All the shopping.
All the gifts.
All the carols.
And then,It's over.
The last packages are delivered.
The last shreds of ribbons and papers are tossed.
The last leftovers are eaten.
Lights are unlit.
Nativities are packed up.
Ornaments are wrapped neatly.
Trees are thrown out.
Christmas is gone.

Then it happens.
The last bit of tinsel glistens in the carpet.
You find.
An ornament that wasn't packed.
You remember.
Times with family.
Moments with friends.
And you keep it near.
You keep Christmas all year round.

Goodnight all.

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