Monday, December 21, 2009


.....of education is encouragement. (Anatole)Dave and I gave first graders some much needed encouragement fun in the form of their annual holiday party. We are assigned to Ms. Lobley's class once again and this year moved up to help her with the first graders. It was a fun hour and they remembered me from last year. I was immediately attacked with hugs when I walked in the door. We gave them some treats and goodie bags. We had oranges for their healthy snacks (mini apple bags def. a better idea) and I was stuck helping the kids. The teacher was laughing at me bending over backward to help all of them peel (and section) their oranges {see photo below}, but I have a lot of patience when it comes to children and animals....adults.....not so much (they are not helpless and should know better). The only thing really funny is that I probably would not peel an orange for myself.Dave found this single glove and could not stop laughing..........he swears there is a kid somewhere walking around belching out some Michael Jackson. Office moment.Some more shots of the class with their holiday headbands. They were too cute.Then they always have to color. I don't believe they get coloring time in their school unless they have a Christmas party (bummer!). I am the resident colorer (sp?) I suppose...or the creative non-engineer. This year they were obsessed with drawing the beach....I must admit I suggested they add some Christmas to their sand drawing and may have snuck in a snowman on a surfboard or two.....Happy Hanukkah. Such politically correct (PC) first graders-they celebrate everything.Ms. Lobley opens one of her gifts. I got her a candle, ornament and embroidered towel from Celebrations. Turns out the ornament was a hit. I randomly bought a gingerbread house/Santa's workshop and she had one as a child. She recounted the story of her Mom telling her that she could hear Santa if she listened really closely, so she would lean close to the tree and gently press her ear to the ornament.See the little girl in the red dress? Some of the kids get extra-dressed up for their party. This I understand! I've always been a bit of an overdresser....remind me to post some embarrassing photos later.Dave and me.

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