Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SEC-ya later Gators.....

It was the best of times....it was the worst of times.....I made the journey to A-town for the SEC Championship. My first one ever....and I think I rooted for the wrong team! I went with a Florida fan so I was left with no option but to proudly don my orange and blue. I must admit it took a lot of work to find those colors in something fashionable and ALOT more work to convince my travelling companion the many reasons I did not need a Gator t-shirt or other team apparel. It took many many dialogues about what I wear to games, but finally he was convinced....it only took two unsuccessful trips to sports shops and trying on several ill-fitting shirts. Thank goodness nothing fit and thanks to Claire for lending me even more orange options! It would have been easier to wear crimson and black....I even have a hounds tooth coat...but no, I did the right thing and cheered for those Floridians.....I cheered and I cheered and I cheered.....but to no avail. One touchdown after the other for Bama and a million Rooooolllll Tiiiidddeeesss later we {the Gators} lost. Their defeat undoubtedly tugged at my heart strings as I watched all the exuberant Alabama fans, for a few moments I felt as though I abandoned my home state and my parents who wear rooting for Alabama....my heart strings were being pulled....but hey it's just a game and I think it was just me wanting to be on the winning end!All in all, even with a defeat it was a good game and the excitement and football pageantry was great. There was so much energy walking from our hotel to the Georgia Dome--I loved it and might have been even more excited than my plus one. I kept saying we have to get there early...can't miss kickoff...can't miss kickoff!!! I definitely went with a trooper who wanted to go ice skating after the game. We also had a great dinner at Ray's despite being surrounded my more Bama-ites..... Who knows.....maybe next year I'll be cheering for the right side~

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