Friday, February 19, 2010

Viva las Vegas.

The good, the bad, and the Vegas. The good: a trip to Vegas since I had never been, Santana, Beatles: LOVE, The Lion King, Anthropologie, Juicy Couture, 7 jeans and other miscellaneous shopping. The bad: baggage {literally}, communication, tickets, Diet Coke, and more baggage. The Vegas: bright lights, tourist destination, desert.

I admit I had mixed emotions about leaving the Sunshine State it could have been the fact that my travelling partner failed to phone me for three straight days before our departure on Sunday so that left me a bit disheartened. A finally got the call on Saturday and began the ritualistic packing. A few hours later I was miraculously packed, zipped and ready to Viva Las Vegas, or so I thought. I was picked up a little after 6 am. I was quizzed and quizzed....was I sure my bag was under 50 pounds? I said absolutely.....well it had weighed 53 pounds....but really in the whole scheme of things what was three pounds.....well those three little pounds turned into 13 big ones! We dropped my bag onto the scale and were greeted with a "WOW" by the angry, uncaffeinated airport employee....63 pounds.....63 pounds.....she kept asking if there was anything I could take out or move to another bag. I was like way. Did she not see my bag? There was not one cubic inch of space left...not to mention I wasn't going to move my handbag from my carry-on to the checked bag for fear of losing the Gustto. "Hhhhufff" I exclaimed, "let's go to the truck and unload." I started unzipping and removing a ton...a few pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes (who knew Converse were that heavy) several shirts and several more expletives later I felt like I was well on my way to flying freedom. With the help of my date we zipped up my bags and headed back to the scales. The line had doubled. We inched toward the scale and lo and behold a whopping 39 way there was simply no way that my bag had lost 24 pounds of clothing and accouterments....10 maybe but not 24. Oh well, the scale was off but there was no time for a challenge. We had 30 minutes to make the flight...would my bag make it?
Well our flights were for the most part uneventful except for the 3.5 hour one from ATL to Vegas...we sat for a little bit on the tarmac as we were informed that there was missing foam around the door....that is was unnecessary. Great, why not duct tape I thought? They also had to replace {yet another unnecessary} part, this time the many unnecessary little time but we landed safe and sound with bags to boot. We hopped on the bus to the hotels and were quickly at The Mirage. There were Vegas Valentine's brides everywhere...scary I muttered. We quickly changed for an early dinner. Forgoing red and opting for my traditional black on the plane ride over, I had a red Vivienne Tam dress calling my name for heart day. Dinner-check now on to Carlos.....SANTANA at the Hard Rock. Great band...great energy and close seats=perfect.
.....on to Day 2.......

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