Friday, February 19, 2010

They say you want a r{evol}ution!

Vegas Day 2: The plus one went to his conferences and lectures while I slept after a grossly sleepless night thanks to my inability to set an alarm and calculate time zones (go ahead, laugh mom!). The alarm charmed and chimed enough to wake the dead. I slept...not soundly....but I slept. An hour later I woke up and got ready to shop. Anthropologie here I came! I headed to the shops at Caesar's and wound my way around to find THE one and only Anthropologie. I shopped my way through several stores and met the guy for lunch then quickly continued my rampage through the Vegas stores. I headed back to the hotel at five to get ready for the show....The Beatles: LOVE Cirque du Soleil performance! I was a little iffy on going to a Cirque show.....but Beatles music was a no brainer....I knew I would at least enjoy that. We met a group of his friends at The Revolution before grabbing a quick sushi dinner. The Revolution bar was cute, quirky Austin Powers inspired hangout. Based on some of the photos I have found online the inside takes you into a more of a "Yeah, baby" frame of mind. The show turned out to be more than I expected. I 100% loved it. It was like a So You Think You Can Dance performance choreographed by Wade Robsen. It was genius, light on contortion but heavy on the dance moves, costumes and choreography. It was Broadway meets Cirque. Every song was perfect. The Octopus' Garden was created with a series of dancers draped in white spinning from the air......Here Comes the Sun yielded a giant orb and Lucy.....what else but a sky of diamonds. I could not have asked for a better performance and I would definitely watch it again! I give it a TEN.

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