Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just can't wait to be king!

Okay, Okay I guiltily admit that I was the one who wanted to see The Lion King. I think I injected the words lion king into random conversation enough to kill someone (well not quite). I can't help it, I share an affinity with Disney classics and could watch them for hours on end (well used to be able to); my top picks would include Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Mulan, Pochahontas, Lady and The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians.......and that's just the animated classics. Thankfully my date caved and told me on Tuesday morning that if I went and got the tickets we could see the show. I got up and busied myself to see if tickets were still available. Hooray I found some....I called mom to see what I should do. I felt so guilty getting them.....especially since I knew the man of the hour really really really did not want to go. I think it must have been an age thing and he missed the cult-like following Disney had. Oh well I was about to enlightened him. I phoned the concierge to see if they could find me better tickets than the ones I saw online. To my surprise they did! I quizzed them about if I could pick them up and they said yes...well through some miscommunication it came down to I had to pick them up from Will Call at The Mandalay Bay....all the way down the strip. I met the boy for lunch once again. I felt guilty not meeting him since he was going to see The Lion King. Well I was so excited I had texted him earlier and told him we needed to get the tix by 6:30...he said sure, then to my surprise at lunch I find out he's in class until 6:15......looks like I would be tasked with going to the opposite end of The Strip to pick up the tickets....and that I did. Bummed I was missing some prime shopping but excited I was going to see The Lion King I headed to The Mandalay Bay. I entered the hotel and wandered aimlessly heading toward one Will Call area to later find it was closed. I think I circled the casino several times before I finally got a lay of the land and found the right window. An hour and a half later I had the tickets and headed to hour later I was back at the Mirage to get ready for the show.

The show was great, long, but great. Just as I had expected, I had not seen the movie in years, but I remembered all the characters names and loved every minute of it. Sure it was geared for kids, but hey aren't we all kids at heart? Glad I got to see this one, but I would rank Love and Santana higher for the record I was wrong.

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