Saturday, February 20, 2010

I like it, I love it....

....I want some more of it! Yep, you guessed it Diet Coke. Turns out not everyone shares by affinity for this tasty beverage, nor does everyone understand my need for this cold treat. It could be a worse addiction right? Well on my trip to Vegas after my shower the first morning I realized CRAP?! No Diet Coke in the room....wearing PJ's and having wet hair I was not stepping out.....I called room service and ordered 3 at roughly $2.50 for each plus the room service charges. The total was roughly $16, but so worth it....I drank two and stowed one in the mini bar for later. Guess what people I forgot to buy some the next day as I drank the two in the mini fridge. Total $10......on the third day I remembered and stopped by the gift shop and bought 3 20 ounce bottles. Heaven! Then on the day we checked out my date storms in the room....saying "Did you order room service?!" I said "yeah some Diet Cokes"....he says "from room service or did you get them out of the fridge?" "Both," I said....little did I know how bad this was going to go over.....I will probably never live this down, but really I would have done the same thing had everything been on my tab. Actually some guys would have known that they did not want to face me without caffeine and gone to buy me me--little things mean a lot and getting me that Diet Coke mitigates any animosity I would have otherwise. In my defense I got about one meal a day because I brought my breakfast, missed dinner one night, barely had it the other, and bought my lunch one really in the whole scheme of things can't I trade that dinner for $40 in DC? {I have the uncanny ability to justify anything, I suppose.}

But the real kicker is that the beau proceeded to complain and complain about it even telling the taxi driver....really I thought....finally at the airport I popped out two twenties and muttered irritatedly exclaimed bluntly, HERE! I really don't want to hear about it. That did not work-he refused to take it. I think he was shocked...but really what else was I to do........but order another.'s to you Diet Coke!
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