Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dirty Dozen.

With all the hype surrounding organics, what should we buy.....should we go all organic all the time? Barring copious amounts of Diet Coke I try to eat fairly cleanly and fairly greenly, until a month ago I was only worried about eating vegetables and not concerned about where they came from, turns out some of these greens may not be so green. Here's a rundown of the top twelve offenders: meat, milk, coffee, peaches, apples, bell peppers, strawberries, celery, lettuces, grapes, potatoes, and tomatoes.
The key here is to think about the surface area of the fruit and how much skin you are ingesting. In celery's case there is not protective coating, you are eating the food itself, lettuce is another scary culprit. While we can't change all our habits we can change some, so cheers to you as I take a bite out of my organic lettuce and realize I just had raisins (inorganic grapes!) for breakfast......ugh I'm still learning. Happy shopping....and happy learning.....Don't forget to eat your veggies, huh?!

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