Monday, March 22, 2010

Who needs sleep??

Wow! I'm in Hotlanta for a few days and time/time zones have always given me a little trouble....FYI I made a very bad, no good grade on a time test in the second grade and my mom never let me live it down. She drilled me on time zones, telling time, borrowed the clock from the teacher....reviewed and reviewed some more. Well people I did pass that tests and all subsequent tests there after.......but this trip rekindled all my time insecurities. I woke up an extra hour early to realize 2 hours later that the alarm clock in my room was set on Central Standard Time. My hotel room felt like a little time zone purgatory for a moment this morning...but hopefully everything will be right in the world tomorrow when I wake up. I just have to remember to add an hour to everything. 6am is 7am and 7am is 8am.....even my Blackberry refuses to reset annoying? I figure the only reason I learned to tell time was to be able to wear a watch with hands because digital is not tres chic.

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